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Modern Slavery
Modern Slavery - The Margins of Freedom

Author: Julia O'Connell Davidson, University of Bristol, 2015
Violence, injustice, and exploitation are all around us, but there is no such thing as ‘modern slavery’. Providing a unique critical perspective to debates on slavery, this book brings the literature on transatlantic slavery into dialogue with research on informal sector labour, child labour, migration, debt, prisoners, and sex work in the contemporary world in order to challenge popular and policy discourse on modern slavery. It calls for more serious political debate and analysis of the systems of domination (race, caste, class, gender, nationality). This book demands of the academy—and human rights campaigners—a marked shift in direction.

Das VIDC hat Im Rahmen der Konferenz "Menschenhandel und seine Opfer" am 21. Oktober 2016 (siehe oben stehenden Hinweis) Julia O'Connell Davidson als Keynote Sprecherin für den Workshop "Migration control, criminal justice and a human rights-based approach - how to serve all?" eingeladen.