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AWEPA Workshop: The implementation of the Accra Agenda for Action (AAA)

Role and Perspectives of the Parliament of Namibia  

Parliamentarians were largely excluded from the aid reform process in the lead up to the Third High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness. The fact remains that “Parliament remains secondary to the executives in the minds of African leaders and donors alike. As constitutionally mandated overseers of public funds, the legislature must be accountable to constituents in both donor and partner countries. Despite this fact, the tendency amongst donors operating in African countries is to deal exclusively with the executive. This has detrimental consequences not only for decentralized governance but also for the emergence of other important qualities associated with democracy.

In order to help remedy this gap, this workshop hopes to to empower and facilitate a greater role for national parliamentary institutions in the changing aid architecture. Taking place from 3-4 of June in Windhoek, Namibia, participants will include, but not be limited to, the Speaker of the Namibian Parliament as well as Chairs and Members of the respective “money” Committees (finance, budget, national audit, and public accounts) of the Parliament. If possible, discussions may include relevant stakeholders such as Civil Society and government representatives. 

Date: 3 June - 4 June 2010
Location: Wondhoek/Namibia

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