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Seminar for Members of Municipial Organs on Municipial Planning and Budgeting in Mozambique
From August to November 2010, ten seminars on Municipal Planning and Budgeting will take place in the following new municipalities of Mozambique: Namaacha, Macia, Massinga, Gorongosa, Gondola, Ulóngwe, Alto Molókwe, Marrupa, Ribaué and Mueda.

During these seminars the municipal legislation (“Pacote Autárquico”, a set of legislation regulating local government) will be reviewed. The main objective of these seminars will be to provide Municipal members with the knowledge and tools they need to draft and execute development programmes in their municipalities.

These seminars are critical for these new municipalities as they will provide the technical and political tools for planning and budgeting (e.g. the Pacote Autárquico and Electoral Manifest). As a result, members will be able to execute and monitor the local development (social, economic and political), according to the situation in each municipality.

The seminars will average 30-34 members from each municipality (coming from their organs, ie. Council and Municipal Assembly), with a total of approximatetly 340 participants.

Further Information:

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